Tax table request

started a topic over 2 years ago

DEAR connector with eBay and Amazon (and likely other platforms) should have the ability to create a tax table and map it for each state or province similar to other connectors (eg cloud cart). 

We collect and remit taxes for and Each province has a different tax rate, DEAR only allows for one and ignores Quickbooks table so we have to manually adjust every order once it imports in to Quickbooks. This prevents us from scaling in these markets. 

  • Any more information on this, we have a similar issue in the UK, We are yet to connect Dear to QB or Xero (havent decided which is best yet) - But our plan is to change the Tax Rate for Non UK orders directly in Dear before sending it to teh accounts package, but their should be a table to allow you to set Different countries to set Differnet VAT rate for when it comes in to Dear meaning that tax rate is correct in dear before it get pushes to the accounts package

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