URGENT: eBay Customer Returns & Cancelled orders - this feature should be optional until DEAR. Currently not usable.

started a topic almost 3 years ago

eBay return feature does not function correctly. eBay returns should have an "opt in" or "opt out" option until fully functional. 

Right now we are having to spend a lot of time resolving customer service issues and fixing dears automated credit note. Before the update we were able to do the process manually and void dears automated credit note. Now is is restocking the item this throws off our inventory so we need this automated credit note turned off until FULLY functional. 

Below is one suggestion that will help:

1. DEAR auto restocks to main warehouse for both cancelled and returned orders. 

a) Restock to main is good for cancelled orders. We want this item to auto re-list. 

b) Returned orders should go to another warehouse (eg "return warehouse") or a used item will auto list as new. Serious customer service issue. 

Until corrected restock and eBay return should have an "opt in" and "opt out" option. 

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