Reorder Availability include Additional Units of Measurement

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Right now, the Reorder Level of Stock report does not include availability of potential stock. 

Product "50 Pack of Batteries" is set with a reorder level of qty. 2 when inventory levels reach a minimum of zero. The 50 pack is auto-disassembled into qty. 50 individual batteries, with an Additional Unit of Measurement 50 individual units = qty. 1 50 Pack. 

If I have qty. 79 individual batteries, the Availability report shows qty. 1 50 Pack. The Reorder Level of Stock report shows availability of zero. 

It's necessary for the Reorder Level of Stock report to show potential availability when considering Products for reorder. I'd like to request the Reorder Level of Stock report use the same logic as the Availability report. 

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  • I completely agree with this! It is a major pain point for our business and makes this feature of Dear seems incomplete.
    A great idea having AUOM but becomes useless and over complicated when looking at reordering.

  • I also agree!

  • I agree with this 100% 

  • My customer purchases 20kg bags of flour. Stores them in 20kg bags of flour and consumes them in an assembly in grams. 

    I think you guys need to fix your programming in this regard.


    Your software already has UOM conversion capabilities and it already has reorder capabilities. Almost always a manufacturing user needs to purchase in bulk from the supplier at a larger UOM. Then store in the UOM they do a physical count in. Then consume in the UOM recognized in the BOM and sell in the UOM recognized by the customer. This is really common.


    The programming of your reorder tool needs to catch up with the rest of your software. Does adding Inventory Planner solve this problem?


    You have this great tool with a fancy screen for reordering, but it’s mostly useless because the programming isn’t complete. You need to follow the demand through to the supplier part and UOM.


    I feel tricked. I feel like it’s false advertising. I feel like I got a “bait and switch”. “Sorry, you didn’t read the fine print.” You know what I’m saying? This is really bad.


    Will you please add this feature? The Reorder tool is potentially the most valuable feature of your software. One of the reasons people buy inventory software is: to reduce stock outs and overstock plus further automation. A reorder tool does both of those things. But, unfortunately, for users who buy in bulk and store, consume and/or sell in a different UOM (which is about 90% of users) this feature won’t work?


    Will you please add this to your next enhancement request? I would almost call it a bug to be honest. If it’s not a bug in the programming, it’s a bug in the design. I think, this should be at the top of your list.


    Reorder is where I spend the bulk of my consulting after the customer is live. If Inventory Planner doesn’t solve this problem, I’m going to have to tell them to run a report, then manually create all their Purchase Orders. That sucks.

  • I 100% agree with this post and with Lance's reply above.

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6 people like this idea
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