Reorder Availability include Additional Units of Measurement

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Right now, the Reorder Level of Stock report does not include availability of potential stock. 

Product "50 Pack of Batteries" is set with a reorder level of qty. 2 when inventory levels reach a minimum of zero. The 50 pack is auto-disassembled into qty. 50 individual batteries, with an Additional Unit of Measurement 50 individual units = qty. 1 50 Pack. 

If I have qty. 79 individual batteries, the Availability report shows qty. 1 50 Pack. The Reorder Level of Stock report shows availability of zero. 

It's necessary for the Reorder Level of Stock report to show potential availability when considering Products for reorder. I'd like to request the Reorder Level of Stock report use the same logic as the Availability report. 

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  • I completely agree with this! It is a major pain point for our business and makes this feature of Dear seems incomplete.
    A great idea having AUOM but becomes useless and over complicated when looking at reordering.

  • I also agree!

  • I agree with this 100% 

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4 people like this idea
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