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I'm not sure if this was raised already but I think it would be nice if we can select a time spread at Stock Adjustment session.

After running a few years with DEAR there are a lot of stock take created. When I want to select some for review there is no direct way to do it. I hope that can narrow down the range for search. Hope DEAR will soon add this feature.


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  • Hi Alice,

    Whilst I agree with your Feature Request, I urge you check out the one I created to be able to have a search for existing Feature Requests. Click here to open.


    Luke Bilocca

    Scope Solutions


  • I agree with you Luke. It seems impossible to find if other people may have similar problems like myself and have already been raised the feature request, that's why I had to raise a new feature request. 

    And by the way I do hope that the search feature in DEAR would be improved soon like to set a time spread range for transactions, say, stock adjustments, would be add in DEAR. It doesn't seem possible to find out a transaction in the thousands of thousand transactions in the past.



  • Hi Alice,

    I have several clients using DEAR and I intend to keep pushing DEAR to more potential clients and I do agree with what you're saying.

    Let's hope this doesn't fall on deaf ears.

    Have a good one



  • Hi Alice, 

    Is it possible to clarify on what you mean by "select a time spread at Stock Adjustment session"?

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