Job Feature - Inventory Write off Process

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It would be great to be able to use the pick/pack and ship process like a simple sale when allocating Warehouse stock to an Inventory Write off within a job. This would allow our warehouse to still use the system which dear is renowned for using a stock control system for goods leaving the warehouse. At this stage when allocating stock to an Inventory Write off within a job there is no control procedure as there would be within a normal order to record when and how stock has left and been delivered to a jobsite. This would be a great feature to asap please. 

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  • Yes, absolutely needed, please.

    Current inv write off system is clumsy.

    It should run like a regular Sale order, pick and pack, we may pick from separate warehouses to pull together all the SKU's we want to allocate to the job.

    We currently have to identify the warehouse/location we want to pick from first - a waste of time.


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