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 It would be great to have a report on Restocked Items following a credit note.

Currently the Fulfillment Details report gives a list of all items that were shipped but does not take into consideration the items that were returned.

So when analysing the no. of orders received, no. of credit notes and comparing this with the Fulfillment Details report, the quantities are different.

This additional report would help to reconcile these numbers to make sure everything is correct.

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  • Hi Luv-Krishna Soyjaudah,

    I had this problem in the past and was able to sort it by exporting two DEAR Reports in Excel.

    • The Inventory Movements Details Report can have the layout and filtering amended in a way to show what stock is coming in
    • The Sale Invoices & Credit Notes Report can be filtered to just display the credit notes
    • Make sure that the Sales Order Number is visible in both reports as you'd be using it for reference between the two reports
    • Export them to Excel
    • From the sales, create a VLOOKUP to check if there are any Credit Notes which are NOT showing in the Movements report
    • Any N/As will mean that there are credit notes which haven't been restocked yet.

    Hope this helps.

    Best Regards,

    Luke Bilocca

    Scope Solutions

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