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Sorry guys but we need better reporting and better ability to create customised reports.  I've grown several multi-million dollar businesses and through the years and always it attention to detail on reporting and ability to drill don on KPI that has been my secret source. I need the following report for my sales team but better still I would like the ability to write my own reports easily.

I’d like a report that details:



Order No

Invoice No

Rep Name

*Order taken by

Status of Order

Invoice Total

Sale Total (excl GST,excl shipping)





*Order Taken by – would be the person entering the order

Rep Would be the usual rep




  1. Our BDMS (Reps) have sales targets based on actual orders they take rather than orders their customers make by phone (this is to incentivise them to maintain relationships)
  2. Their targets are based on ex gst values and ex delivery charges
  3. BDM should chase outstanding payments (we do not ship until paid)
  4. BDM should monitor that dispatch has occurred


You have a few reports that combined give me this but I’d like it to be on one page to make it easy for everyone and ideally, automatically emailed weekly

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7 people like this idea
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