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Hi there,

We've noticed that for a few of our clients when using the WMS App, the picking process can be challenging due to differences with how they invoice customers and how they pick internally based on the unit of measure.

For example, they may invoice the customer in 'KGs', but pick the product in 'units', it would be helpful if when picking the product via the WMS app, the user could select which unit of measure they are using during this process.

At the moment, they end up picking a different quantity than what was on the sales order, which creates an error in the WMS and they can't go any further.


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  • Actually my problem here is that WMS doesn't bring the Unit of Measure information. This simple addition of information, that I believe would be quite easy to do, could help your clients too. Not exactly what you are asking for, but seeing in the WMS Pick screen would help enormously.

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2 people like this idea
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