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Hi team,

If you could please look into putting line items at the start of the sales orders sku's and for that matter PO sku's as well. It is necessary when customer/suppliers reference often line numbers we can distinguish them. 

Also, it would help then with the appearance and also when a customer orders the same item but need it on two separate lines that it shows that way instead of merging as they are clearly defined lines then.

We also need the option to be able to layout the sales order, instead of advance or split, to show lines where you could have column header that says ordered qty (what's on the sales order), backorder qty (what is unavailable), shipped qty( what is to picked by warehouse). This way for our customers and warehouse staff, it is clearly defined what is going on with one quick glance at the picklist. I understand that this one is not so easy as you will need to create ways to allocate stock to shipment and backorder others but other programs have this feature so it can be done.

Thanks for your consideration.

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  • Totally agree with the part about the screen layout of the sales order.. For (Advanced) SO with a backorder it's really clunky to see which products have been supplied from the original SO and which are yet to be supplied. The only way to work out what is back-ordered is to raise a new Fulfilment and select 'Pick Remaining' then void the fulfilment.

    Would be great if the backordered items could have a separate section of the SO, maybe similar to the Additional/Service charges section?

  • I totally agree. The handling of back orders in Dear is lacking and the layout of the sales order screen with ordered qty, back ordered qty and shipped qty would make life so much easier for our business. 

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