Add Sale process customisation option to prevent order from advancing to Picking status until Invoice has been fully paid

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With the current functionality, once an order is authorised, it goes to the Picking status. At this point, it can be picked or invoiced.

With this feature request, the sale order would not be moved to the Picking stage after sale order authorisation. Instead, the system would require that an invoice is authorised AND fully paid before advancing to the Picking stage.

In terms of implementation, I presume this would be to introduce additional sale process customisation controls offering a more granular control of the process.

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  • It's a good point Ian. May I ask, do you require every invoice to be paid prior to picking? If so then I agree you need to be able to customise the process in Dear. We have most customers on a credit account which don't require payment before shipping, and others who are on Prepaid. As a workaround for the very issue you've raised, for those requiring payment prior to picking, we generate an invoice from an authorised Quote - which is sent to the customer for payment, and after payment is received we then convert it to an authorised Sales Order, which is the trigger for it to be ready for Pick. Don't know that if that's a possibility for your case?
  • I completely agree Daniel!

    In fact, I created a feature request "Option to NOT allow the Invoice to be Created Before the Picking is Fulfilled", click here to view and like it as I have yours pal so that we get this feature in the future.

    Best Regards,


  • I meant Ian not Daniel! :)

  • It would be great if this was tied in with payment terms rather than being a global setting? For example, a "pay before delivery" payment term would require full payment before picking.

  • Agree Alexis as a default global setting. 
    But we need the ability to over-ride this on a per SO basis, I'm sure many other businesses would need to offer both options e.g Business customers with Credit accounts

  • This was requested years ago is there a per so basis way to stop orders go to the WMS pick list until it is paid? We have customers on prepaid terms, but there is no way to indicate that fulfilment should come AFTER payment, so an order is not sent to the pick list until it is time?

  • I just posted to this and it isn't showing does DEAR stop comments?

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7 people like this idea
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