Custom scripts on the B2B page

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Please allow the implementation of custom scripts on the B2B page so that it is possible to add on personalized features such as links to a live chat platform etc.


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  • Please push this forward.

    I think its very important to be able to offer my customers the Live Chat option, so they can get in touch quickly.


  • Hi 

    Please allow us to put an embed code for our Zendesk etc chatbots / widgets... 

    We definitely need a widget on a b2b portal, as this would be expected on all b2b websites. 

    I have just spent a fortune of money on a new website, and after small time i am going to forego my sunk cost to move to B2B portal.. 

    However, i did not even consider whether this was not possible more a B2B Portal to not be able to allow small embed code for a chat widget...

    Dear integrates with the best application, but yet it does not seem to be compatible with, or have a workaround, to emnedd my widget embed code. 

    does anyone else know if there is a work-around. I rely on chats bots for everything. 

    This could be a total deal breaker if this is not possible 

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5 people like this idea
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