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DEAR System,

After using your system in depth, there are some new requirements and suggestions. I hope to get the support of your team:

  1. After the Expense Claims-Receipts is rejected, the user can modify the receipts and submit it again. Now in the system, because the expense claim amount is filled in incorrectly, after the receipts is rejected, we cannot directly modify the amount and submit it again, but can only be voided and redone. Because such mistakes often happen, a lot of time is wasted on reimbursement receipts.


  2. Insufficient authority to control price display,I will list a few examples below.

  • Inventory Write-off. In a company, the production department is only responsible for production. Due to confidentiality rules, we do not want the production workers of the operating system to understand the production costs, but I cannot cancel the cost display here, which makes me feel very insecure.


  • Purchase List. In the purchase list interface, in order for the warehouse to complete the warehousing operation, we must show him the purchase list interface, but in this interface, the warehouse staff can clearly see the total cost of our purchased products, which can easily cause the leakage of internal transactions, thus Cause losses to the company.


  • Expense Claims-Receipts.We usually think that matters such as wages and benefits are very sensitive topics for employees. As far as the current DEAR system is concerned, when employees are reimbursing, they can see the reimbursement amount of other employees. It may cause some employees to be dissatisfied with the amount of reimbursement, reduce employee enthusiasm, and affect the development of the company.


  • Based on the above three examples, I hope that your team can seriously consider my needs and refine the authority control of price display so that users can accurately control the price display of each module and improve confidentiality. I believe this is also the original consideration of your team. The effect of high confidentiality and high security that you want to achieve when the authority function is used.

I hope that the DEAR team can seriously consider the requirements and suggestions that I put forward after using the system, and I hope that the DEAR system will become more and more perfect to meet the needs of more users.


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