Customisable field in Invoice Items please - especially for "Date" in my case

started a topic over 2 years ago

My request relates to the limited list of options available (Product, Comment, Unit, Quantity etc).

Our business performs services, sometimes with many services performed on a single invoice covering a month. We need a Date field for each row in the invoice details so that we can specify what services were performed on each date (a single Invoice Date or Service Date for the entire invoice doesn't achieve this). If the field was customisable for other users with options to select Option/ List/ Text or Date for other users who need an additional column in the invoices.

The Comment field is not satisfactory because it is already used for other we'd like to generate reports that query the dates on each row within the invoice over a broader date range.

I've seen various requests for similar features previously for the same thing in Dear, Xero invoicing and other Apps.

Thank you for considering this.

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