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I find it hard to beleive that no report in DEAR shows me the total costs (including landing costs) per unit. Support recommend to download a CSV report and to do the math. Of course this is possible, but the minimum I expect from my inventory system is to give me a report about how many products (even the same) I have in stock with which costs. If this report is too difficult to developers to create, there should be an option to create custom reports with calculated fields.

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  • Hi Thomas,

    Whilst I like your idea and agree that there should be a report that gives you this, from the Product Screen you can find this out but you will still need to do a simple division to get the total cost (including landing cost) per unit.

    From the Product Screen, navigate to Movements Tab, change the view from "Show quantity movements" to "Show quantity and cost movements" and you'll be given the total amount of cost which will be the amount from the supplier and any apportioned freight costs to all the quantity purchased. From, there you will have to divide the amount by the quantity.

    Hope this helps pal

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    Luke Bilocca

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  • Again - let me create custom reports, including calculations....

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