New Feature Request - UNDO a particular receives instead of whole purchase

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The current system design prevents us from UNDOing specific receives (from multiple receivings in advance purchases). This make the UNDO process very difficult and not productive when you just want to UNDO last or specific receive.

For example, in our business, many of our purchases are advance purchases because the logistics send the goods with multiple trucks and results in multiple shipments sometime one to two weeks apart between first receive and last receive for each purchase. Assuming that we received a shipment month two weeks ago, and now there is a final shipment coming in, this is authorized as received. Then for some reason if you want to UNDO this last receive, we would have to UNDO the Purchase instead of just this shipment. If we tried to UNDO this purchase, we are promoted to UNDO ALL affected sales invoices and transfer since the first receive which was two weeks ago. That means if we are doing 20-30 invoices ago, we would have to UNDO 250-400 sales invoices just to UNDO the last shipment we just authorized a moment ago.

So being able to UNDO a particular receive and respective affected sales invoices only instead of UNDOing all sales invoices prior to this shipment is a big plus for us.

Hope this feature will be very useful for those who use advance purchase for multiple receives.


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  • Yes we need the 'Undo' function to only apply to the stage which the transaction is at, rather than change the whole transaction back to Draft status.

    @Hein, do you utilise the Advanced Purchase for your PO's? This allows multiple deliveries on the same PO, in a similar way to how ADvanced Sale allows multiple fulfilments of the same SO.

  • This is a MASSIVE problem for us. I can't fix an incorrect receiving without undoing a purchase order INVOICE. When we undo the invoice this causes issues for our accounts team as it un-links the invoice in Xero and will unlink several invoices - not just the invoice in question!
    please fix this!

  • Yes, this is a sorely needed feature.

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11 people like this idea
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