Magento 2 Connector / Manual Fees

started a topic 21 days ago

I'm curious whether there is anyone else out there that is a Dear and Magento 2 user who is now experiencing accounting chaos because of how Dear has implemented Manual Fees as a cheap way to handle Magento discount codes? The downstream unanticipated consequences of their design decision continue to spiral into accounting chaos for us and all we get is a shrug from Dear support. The new one that hit us this past week is what happens when you have to split an order into multiple fulfillments to customers in the EU and require corresponding invoices. The ONLY way to process this is for our back office team to redo the whole order correctly without the manual fee. Why Dear Systems opted for this design approach instead of applying the discount code at the line item level is beyond me. At this point, I would tell anyone considering the use of Dear Systems and Magento to stay away.

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