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We are using this to advise our customers that items have been shipped and we include the Carrier name and Consignment Note #.


WE also want to send the link for the Packing Slip but that link isn't available on the "Sale has been Shipped" notification although it is available in the "Sale has been Packed" notification

Can you please add the link to the Packing Slip for the "Sale has been shipped" notification


Thx John

  • Hi John, we have exactly the same requirement.

    As a workaround we created a document template which replicated Packing Slip but added in TableStart:Pack & TableEnd:Pack mergefield parameters to certain parts of the document. DEAR Support helped us to create the document.

    We uploaded it to DEAR as a Box Label template type, and can now print and email it as a document from the Ship stage. Only thing is that the hyperlinked text in the automated email notification shows as 'Download Box Label'

    Not sure if it helps

  • Daniel,

    Thanks for this info.

    I do the template changes so will have a look, So you have used the Box Label template and added the details from the Pack data.

    Is there any chance of you sending me a picture of this so that I get it correct.

    If so ill call you or you call me



  • Hello John

    See below. 

    As you can see, the whole document is framed in the 'Sale' table, as per the yellow highlight.

    But inside this we're pulling data from the 'Ship' table (for consignment and carrier info) - Green, and 'Pack' table (for the packing slip info) - Blue.

    Then we uploaded this to Dear as a new document, selecting 'Box Label' for the template type. We gave the document the name 'Delivery Docket' so it wasn't confused with the existing Box Label that we also use.

    Hope it helps


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