Woocommerce split order feature request

started a topic 5 months ago

When client is placing an order in Woo, we can have the situation where some products are in stock and some needs to be back-ordered.

Then we have the option in DEAR to backorder the complete order, or split and then backorder only the not in stock products.

So we can deliver stocked items and deliver back-ordered items when they arrive on a different SO.

Woo integration with DEAR does not support split orders, a Woo order needs to be completed in full.

I request a split order feature with Woo integration, so we have the option to choose to have stocked items delivered and back-ordered products delivered when in stock.

Woo have to day a split order adaption that can be used in Woo but it does not integrate with DEAR, to have this feature integrated with DEAR would make a huge improvement on functionality.

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