Shopify Integration - have a button to suspend downloading orders temporarily (applies to all eCommerce integrations)

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This feature request really applies to all eCommerce integration.

As a DEAR partner that do many implementations, one tricky part is stopping the integration from downloading orders while we get the site prep for going live.

We normally integrate to Shopify during testing to iron out issues in integration, order processing, configuration and training.    Once we are ready to go live, the order of steps is important.  We normally do it in the following order.

  1. Stop the flow of orders from ecommerce (eg. Shopify) by removing the tax rules as a gateway.  The orders will sit in the pending log until the tax rules are put back
  2. Reset transactional data / sequence numbers
  3. Hook up DEAR to live account system 
  4. Load Stock on hand file
  5. In shopify, load orders on the day that the SOH was done and remove any orders in the log that has been fulfilled when the StockTake was taken.
  6. Let the orders through by putting in the tax rules.

The problem with the above steps is that we have found out that DEAR already do things with the pending orders at capture  stage that tripped us up after we go live eg:
  1. If products were marked as optional drop ship, the pending orders are already marked as dropped shipped if the timing is so that the SOH has not been loaded yet.  We actually ended up doing quite a lot of undo's so that it uses stock on hand rather than marking this as drop ship
  2. Another issue that we also found that DEAR apparently creates auto assemblies at capture stage, which I assume when it sits in the pending states.  If SOH is not in yet,  could it potential cause back orders?

All up, it would simple if we can simply suspend processing while we complete getting all the things in place, then start loading orders when we are ready to go live.  

As a bonus, the load orders screen would also be nice if we can also enter an order number so that we don't need to delete sometimes hundreds of entries that has already been fulfilled prior to the stock take.

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