Customer SKU# field in Sales Order

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Now we have the Supplier SKU# field in Purchase but not Customer SKU# field in Sale which many of our customers demand us to put in the invoices. I tried to use the additional attributes but it became very annoying to input in every product instead of the new order screen. 

Appreciate this can be done

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  • We have been using DEAR since September and we are finding the below issue EXTREMELY frustrating.

    This is making our data entry slow, chunky and increases data entry errors

    The issue is that when we TYPE the SKU into the PROUDCT field it does not FILTER on SKU first.  See below screen capture



    Unlike what we could do if we just used XERO.  XERO allows us to type the SKU and it FILTERS on SKU first, then lists other stock items that have the characters we entered.  See below, KY is a SKU and it comes up first BUT not in DEAR


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5 people like this idea
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