Search functions on the Purchasing side

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I have a suggestion that "might" be easy to implement and can really help out the users (we are a user).

1.  If all we have is a description - we can go to the product level and search and try to find a hit on that search function to find a part number.  That search is really good.  Even a program name, or some weird piece of information - Good Job at the product level for sure.

2.  If we can find the part number - we can go to the report that you mentioned and do a search for that part number and it will point to the PO number and status of the PO.  Good Job.

3.  If we are ordering material and give details of the comments or stuff we key in manually into the PO (see Below) it is crazy to find that information later.

4.  Can we add two filters to the already existing report to pull those comments into the report as needed? (EXHIBIT A)  Even if we limit the output because of column width to the first 15 characters or something like that so it doesn't screw up the report format too much.

Filters to add:  A) Comments on PO's   B) Reference on PO's

5.  EXHIBIT B - What we would love as a couple of filter options.





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