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One thing MYOB does better than Xero is handling customer deposits. Dear does an okayish job with customer deposit. However, there is a low hanging fruit to improve functionality. 

After, a customer deposit is applied to a quote and 

  1. When the invoice is created in Dear the customer credit (from this invoice) should automatically apply to the invoice, instead of the pop-up option (that how MYOB (a 2 billion dollar company) handles it and it works perfectly). 
  2. The customer credits from other quotes etc, should not pop up at all to apply. Instead, a message should appear that credits are available if you want to apply. 
  3. This process can be repeated on the supplier side. 
  4. If the customer deposit is more than the invoice, the only partial amount should be applied.

I have 10+ year experience in dealing with accounting softwares. I strongly recommend that you look into the above suggestion. Another key report missing is a reconciliation report to show which customer credits are remaining. 

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  • Great thought Vikram. Dealing with customer deposits on Dear is doing my head in as well!

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5 people like this idea
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