Update Inventory List import template for new Import Dimensions fields

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We note the new Import Dimensions fields that have been added under the Dimensions tab within a product, but there appears to be no way to bulk-import these as yet.

Can you either a) update the Inventory List CSV template, or b) provide a specific "Import Dimensions" import template that we can use to bulk-upload this data.



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  • I enquired with DEAR Support on this a couple of weeks ago . They informed me that there is no API endpoints or mergefields set up for these new fields yet. Needs to be implemented fully to be of much use
  • Thanks Daniel - interesting to know. Hopefully they build this out as needed soonish.

  • Perhaps a report would be nice as well showing all the import dimensions set across all skus. Just something other than just the logged in inventory record view. Thanks.

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6 people like this idea
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