Make an item obsolete so it can be sold but not ordered

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Create a function to make a SKU that is no longer available from a supplier or has been de-ranged unable to be added to a PO for purchase, but it still can be sold until SOH =0, then it auto-deprecates. 

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  • Totally agree we need a DISCONTINUED or DO NOT REORDER status somewhere between ACTIVE and DEPRECATED. As a workaround we append the SKU with a special character, but definitely not ideal and is incompatible with some systems. Existing similar request:
  • (My last post is blank possibly because it had a link in it? I was trying to add a link to other similar feature requests in this forum but I guess it won't work...) Yes we need this feature, two other statuses for Products would be ideal: - INACTIVE: when a product is temporarily unavailable but may be activated again in the future - DISCONTINUED/DO NOT REORDER: Product can be sold and transferred as normal but cannot be purchased from supplier

4 people like this idea
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