Automated advanced sales orders NOT in the Sales Order Details report

started a topic 27 days ago

Hello Team, 

The Support Team pointed me to this direction - we use the Sales Order Details report for checking our SOs on SKU and batch level but realized sometimes SOs are missing, when it is an automated advanced sales orders. 

The Support Team confirmed they are not showing on the report when they are in fulfilled status - from common sense point of view it does not make any sense showing in the report the simple orders when picked-packed-shipped but not the advanced orders when picked-packed-shipped. 

Plus would you mind advising a report till this is changed (I hope DI Development Team will change it very soon) which we can use on SKU (and batch) level, where we can select location and we can see qty and tax data - the Support Team advised to use Sales Overview Report but we found the above limitations... 


Szilvia Auth 

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