Shopify: support location mapping better for click and collect and online orders returned to store

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 If a client is using Shopify for instore (POS) and online, they face these two situations:

1. A customer places a click and collect order (order online, pick up in store)

2. A customer buy something online, and returns or exchanges it instore.

Both are common "omni-channel" requirements. They are not handled well or at all by the Dear shopify integration.

An order placed online for click and collect needs to use the Dear location mapped to the store where the order is being picked up from.

Returns/exchanges handled in store affect the store location. The original Dear order is against the online location. Dear doesn not allow returns against a location other than the original order, which blocks this from working.

This affects not just omni-channel, but any customer with a multiple locations which a customer may attend. So that needs to be fixed, and then the Shopify integration needs to be smarter.

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