Additional Feature request in Dear

started a topic about 1 month ago

I have a couple of things that I want to raise as features in the future. Kindly see the list below.

1. On website and app, next to the order number there is a bit of information about the order so you don't have to click into each one to find out what it is.
2. If a person places two different orders on the same day they are automatically grouped together so they ship together.
3. Return product to vendor easily (currently have to wait for invoice, and it requires a credit memo).
4. Ability to pick multiple times on one order - but in the end, end up with one packing slip and one invoice per order number. So as items come in - they can be picked- and set aside and customer doesn't get 10 invoices for one shipment.
5. In Magento, when you click on re-order, it duplicates the old order in DEAR, if DEAR could not try to send the order twice, would be good.

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