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Hi team,

I would like to point out these few implementations if it's possible:

- multiple status of Drop Ship. Adding "Indent", 'Made on Order" adding the supplier lead time;

- Embed the B2B in an existing website to let customers to jump from one page to another. Now if I direct a customer to the B2B portal, they can't go back to the main page of my website;

- Let to have the business favicon removing the Dear favicon;

- Let to remove the "Copyrights" and the bottom of the page adding the website Rights and Copyrights;

- Add a wish list for guests to let us direct the lead to the right dealer;

- Add a Photo/Video Gallery for each Category to let customers to understand better what the products looks like;

- Download product or group of product specifications in a template;

- Swap prices with a different currency (ex. from AUD to NZD)

- Add multiple "tag" like the existing "New" to populate the main photo of the product, like "Popular", "Sale" ...;

Thank you guys and keep going  .... you are doing a great job !

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  • Yes, I agree with all of these suggestions.

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3 people like this idea
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