Allow a unique Sales Rep name to be included in sales transferred from MAGENTO into DEAR.

started a topic 30 days ago

When a sale is automatically transferred from Magento into DEAR, DEAR hard-codes a REP_NAME of "Magento Sale", regardless of anything else that was set in DEAR previously. This is a problem if you need to separate sales in DEAR by Sales REP_NAME and when Magento runs a number of different web sites, you cannot tell where the sale came from. In addition when DEAR takes hold of the sale, it disregards the actual REP_NAME that was set up for any existing client and changes it to "Magento Sale". I am not sure if this is exclusively a problem in MAGNETO but I would assume not.

I feel this is a critical modification and needs urgent attention, as there are very few alternative options available to us, if any. In addition if you need to calculate commissions based on SALES REP within DEAR then there is no way to allocate on-line sales to the correct REP.

I hope you agree with this and I look forward to have this feature added at some point.

Thank you.

Erez Baron.

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