Sync all changes in a sale order done in Shopify to Dear including additions and exchanges of items

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Hello, I would like to suggest that there will be an option in Dearsystem to sync or capture all the changes you make in a sale order in Shopify. I know that returns and refunds can can be done without issue. But would it be better if we can also do addition and/or exchange of items in shopify and the update will sync automatically in dear as well instead of manually doing the changes in dearsytem afterwards. As an e-commerce company which provides refunds and exchange of items, this would be really helpful. Thank you.

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  • yes this is sorely needed. right now we need to make changes in two places, particularly for small things like address changes that we make in shopify. 

    I would also argue that while returns and refunds are possible, there's an interesting requirement for the invoice to be authorized in order for it to come in. Not sure why that is a prerequisite but it often holds adjustments to items for that reason, particularly when we might need to change the order before the item gets shipped. If, for example, the customer ordered the wrong size or color, then you can remove the wrong item and add the correct item in shopify (an example of what Ella is looking for). But since we haven't shipped the item yet, the modification gets caught up in the pre-processing state. It seems that if that pre-requisite were removed then that could go a long way toward allowing for line item adjustments, and then the rest of Ella's suggestion is to ensure that other changes like ship to address could get auto synced. 

  • Hello, I would like to suggest that there will be an option in Dearsystem to sync or capture all the changes made to a sale order in DEAR back into Shopify. Currently, pick, pack and ship can be automated in DEAR, however we need to manually pick, pack and ship in DEAR with that syncing back to Shopify. Currently, we have to go into Shopify and manually complete each sale order once shipped which is very time consuming. DEAR and Shopify should be able to sync back and forth so whatever get changed on sale order in DEAR, gets synced to Shopify and vice versa.

  • Hello!

    Please note that we are always continuing to make updates to Shopify and we will work on this too.

  • Just wondered if there is any update on this. It's a key feature for us and we don't want to be updating two systems.

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