Show/Allow Edit of Product Family Options on Products page

started a topic about 1 month ago

Currently, if a product belongs to a product family, the products editing page does not display any information regarding the product's product family options (like colour or size) and of course does not allow the editing of these options. It would be extremely useful to at least display this information somewhere. In fact, there is also no information as to which product family the current product belongs to - a simple link to the product family's page would suffice.

Ideally, the product list/search function should also display this information and allow it to be searchable (so searching for "T-Shirt Black XL" should display this variation even if the title of the product does not contain the options "Black" and "XL"). 

Currently, the workaround is to include the options information in the product title, which is unnecessary data duplication and makes editing option values difficult and prone to errors (for example, changing the "Black" option to "Dark Grey" would require changing all product titles as well, and if one is missed, the data becomes out of sync).

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4 people like this idea
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