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Hi - We'd like to put limits on the capacity of certain resources.

For example - a cooker only runs with ingredient capacity minimum 40kg, and maximum 140kg. If a production order is placed for 200kg, it splits it across two resources according to some rule.


  • Hello Lauren,

    Could you please give us the examples of the rules by which you'd like to split the orders based on the capacity? Should it be split proportionally to the available resources or, for example, some resource will be set as default and will take the larger workload?

    Please note that right now when we speak about resources, we mean a group of individual resources. Thus, a resource "cooker" can contain several individual resources with their own capacity: individual resource cooker 1 can have capacity = 5, and individual resource cooker 2 can have capacity = 2. 

    Splitting the Production Order into Production Runs allows more careful planning of the order execution. For example: a cooker resource has 8 capacity and this capacity cover the work with 100kg. Production Order is created for 200 items and operation where cooker is used needs 16 hours (i.e. 16 capacity from the cooker). You can split the Production Order into 2 Production Run with operations in which cooker needs only 8 capacity and work with only 100kg.

  • Hi Elena,

    The best rule will be to split evenly over the minimum number of resources. e.g. 160kg = 80kg+80kg; 300kg = 100kg+100kg+100kg. Maybe the solution is an auto-split of a production order as such?

    In our case, all of our cookers have variable capacity 40kg - 140kg, with no difference in time taken for any capacity in that range. 

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