B2B Portal - Allow for Show Availability to have a "Low" option

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"Show Available Quantity lets you choose from three (3) options for showing remaining available item quantities to customers:

Hide – the available quantity will not be shown.In/out of stock – the actual quantity will not be shown. Customers will only see In or Out of stock."

Please allow for a "Low stock" status - this can be set per product, or a global setting

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  • And ideally, the 'Low' parameters would be an automatic calculation based on X days/weeks worth of stock... using some of the automation functionality we're starting to see in Smart re-ordering etc

  • That's a great idea. 

    It would also be good to have a manual override - we have some very high value goods that we might only sell one or two of a year so having a stock forecast for these is difficult. 

  • Yes. Great idea. Please implement this feature including the manual override.

    Perhaps even add the ability to write our own status message and set our own colours for each (i.e. Non-stock Item, Buy-in Item, Special Order etc).

  • It would be great to also have the option to show the quantity remaining if it is under the set threshold. For example, if there are 3 or less available then show the quantity remaining ("3 In Stock"), otherwise just show "In Stock".

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3 people like this idea
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