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DEAR customers looking to improve their business processes may benefit from using EDI, or electronic data interchange, which allows companies to directly send information digitally to each other's systems using a standardised format.

We would like to know your thoughts on how to further improve this module. 

- DEAR Team

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  • We spent a lot of time manually inputting all the invoices from EDI into DEAR - we would love integration!

  •  I have been requested to use EDI by both suppliers and customers - this feature would be well received.

  • Yes we do too!
  • If there was built in EDI rather than 3rd party integrations it would help us greatly.

    In fact we are even considering changing from Dear to Cin7 solely because of this. If Dear has plans to get built in EDI in the near future can you please let me know asap as I am quite happy with everything else with Dear.

  • Hi DEAR, 

    We currently use EDI via B2Bgateway for DJ's, and while it would be good to see some inbuilt support, I worry about the level needed to support this type of function in house. 

    Given dealing with EDI VAN providers (SPS for example) is quite taxing and specialised, i would worry about the resourced needed. 

    I would see much larger value (personally), being in AU with having support for other marketplace platforms.

  • Hi Chris

    We use B2B Gateway as well, but it is not integrated... we just receive the EDI from B2B and print it off as a simple order on Dear. 

    @chris - please could you assist , just wondering : re timing - > WHEN did you integrate B2B Gateway and Dear -

    1) [BEFORE]- did you use EDI with B2b gateway 1ST in time (BEFORE using Dearr)?

    -2)[SAME TIME ] did you intergate b2b Gateway and dear at the same time

    3) - did you already use DEAR come first and then you integrated with B2B

    4) - OR - are you doing like us - USING B2B Gateway, but manually inputting the B2B INBOUND Printout into dear as a simple sale.

    For B2B Gateway, we used B2B for years as we had a large store that required to use EDI so we used B2B Gataeway to recevinve Inbounc EDI order and then emil themm to us. 

    Now, Contrary, we supplirt (i.e. we are their customer) is asking us to send them our PO's by EDI. (to their benefit). 

    I wuould love to do that, but, please cn forum orrect me if im wromng...

    - EDI: only use this if you have to (i.e. you have a big customer the requires this..... ) 

    - > on the other hand, with our supplier (we are their customer), EDI is just not a value proposition.... it is simply too expensive and/or justify this cost, unless its required to do busines

    FINAL QUESTION: I SEE CROSSFIRE AND SPS names all over DEAR forums and integrations.... has there been any reduction in cost recently - more customers perhaps means economies of scale?


    you integrated with B2B gateway befr

  • Hey Matthew, 

    I think there is a case study coming out in a couple of week with B2B. We originally integrated with Netsuite and migrated away to DEAR, then ported the connection after go live on dear (in order to iron out the gaps).We required updated to an API endpoint (Namely the ability to write Transfer orders with negative stock position in locations), we have approx 20/30 connects moving quite alot of data around, so our EDI was kind of mid on the priority list (compared to say our ecommerce channels that needed to work on day one).

    Its a little hard to keep up with what your saying, You could definitely (subject to the EDI Code) send a PO from DEAR to B2B Gateway, but there need to be some consideration on the master source of data (ie: the products cross reference list, if you need to APARAK, ASN, etc) and at what stage and what controls, which you will need to do in house or outsource, from a comparison perspective, I prefer B2B gateway and it works for my requirement (RevPO), so i guess its a question of partner/requirement



  • Cin7 has EDI.  Can we expect it in Dear in the next few months?

  • My understanding is prob not, it will be a different product suite.
  • Sorry, what do you mean?

    We have a big new customer coming on board and this may force us to move to Cin7, or something else.

  • From my understanding (and the general database structure and discussions with DEAR) of DEAR v CIN7 merger was that they would keep to products seperate. Where DEAR is strong (manufacturing and complex processes) CIN7 is not, CIN7 is generally much stronger at out of the box marketplace/retailer connections and is more suited those businesses. Also, for what it’s worth. I would personally suggest sliding middleware into the mix in order to not be overly controlled by a single WMS. An out of the box EDI solution will probably not fulfill your requirements given the complex relationship.
  • Interesting!  What kind of middleware are you referring to?

  • I might add as well, that a middleware provider can keep up to date on changes to your EDI. Say your retailer updates something (which happens and I have had happen with David Jones and Aperak), you pretty much are stuck waiting on your WMS to support, which may not be their core focus at the time. I use b2bgateway (truecommerce now), but SPS, crossfire, boomi and such are out there. It also gets you less invested, depending on your view. I don’t like to have all my eggs in one basket
  • Thanks, will definitely look into this.

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