EDI Improvements

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DEAR customers looking to improve their business processes may benefit from using EDI, or electronic data interchange, which allows companies to directly send information digitally to each other's systems using a standardised format.

We would like to know your thoughts on how to further improve this module. 

- DEAR Team

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  • We spent a lot of time manually inputting all the invoices from EDI into DEAR - we would love integration!

  •  I have been requested to use EDI by both suppliers and customers - this feature would be well received.

  • Yes we do too!
  • If there was built in EDI rather than 3rd party integrations it would help us greatly.

    In fact we are even considering changing from Dear to Cin7 solely because of this. If Dear has plans to get built in EDI in the near future can you please let me know asap as I am quite happy with everything else with Dear.

  • Hi DEAR, 

    We currently use EDI via B2Bgateway for DJ's, and while it would be good to see some inbuilt support, I worry about the level needed to support this type of function in house. 

    Given dealing with EDI VAN providers (SPS for example) is quite taxing and specialised, i would worry about the resourced needed. 

    I would see much larger value (personally), being in AU with having support for other marketplace platforms.

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