Undoing an Advanced Sale

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Could Dear come up with a feature wherein authorized fulfillments and invoices will remain authorized even after undoing the sales order? There are instances wherein the sales order need to be undone so as to edit quantities for future fulfillments but previously authorized fulfillments. Given that, fulfillments and invoices that are previously already authorized would have to be reauthorized.

If the scenario is that the items already fulfilled and invoiced are going to remain, can't Dear come up with a feature wherein they will remain authorized even if a sale order has to be undone just so we don't have to start over with the process of authorizing them again?

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  • Yes please - much needed! Also creates a problem with automations/notifications (like Shippit consignment, automated shipping notification emails, etc) that trigger a resend after re-authorising the Pick/Pack/ Ship
  • I think, in general, the ability to modify parts of the original sale without undoing the entire thing is necessary. I get that you want to limit the ability to have something edited when authorized, particularly if the invoice has been authorized but if i need to go back in and edit a singlet line item I completely agree with you that redoing the entire thing isn't great.

  • Hello!

    We have enabled certain sections of a sale/purchase to be undone without having to undo the entire order. However, it is not possible to undo the order itself and expect the related invoice and fulfilment to stay as it is. This is because it is linked to the order.

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