ISSUE - Dropship PO with multiple fulfilments not handled

started a topic about 1 month ago

If a drop ship PO is partially fulfilled by a supplier the first invoice received closes off that drop ship PO despite there being goods that remain on order.  

To get around this Dear have allowed us to Clone the PO for the remaining quantity & use the same PO number - that would be an OK workaround but any subsequent invoices sent by the supplier against the order cannot be approved because the target PO remains the original PO.   

The system shows an Error - "Target purchase already has an authorised invoice".

The system needs to recognise the cloned PO as the new target or it renders the Dear workaround useless

We are now in a situation where I am receiving orders with other 300 units on them of high value goods.  There is no way I can know what the supplier shipping schedule will be before hand but I need to pass on the order so they can plan their production.  

The system works beautifully to allow me to create a sales order, generate a PO that pushes the order into the supplier ERP for them to fulfil.   When they ship, they invoice us and this pops up into our system.   Very elegant.   Except when a PO is spilt into more than 1 delivery - then all that beautiful development falls down in a single use case.    

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