Expiry Date and Batch shown when searching for Product

started a topic about 1 month ago

When assembling a product, or writing inventory off, you have the prodiuct and the expiry date to hand.


When searching for that product to write off in DEAR, the dropdowns ony offer: Batch, Location, Availablity - no expiry date - how do you know what batch the product is...

Inventory Write Off > Search Product > Batch, Location, Available. (NO EXPIRY DATE COLUMN)

Assemby Pick > Batch, Location, Available (NO EXPIRY DATE COLUMN)

Stock Adjustment > Batch, Location, Available. (NO EXPIRY DATE COLUMN)

PLEASE can you include this Expiry Date column in the dropdown, so we can see from the dozens of batches, which expiry date relates to each batch.

Currently: Open availablity tab > search product > note batch number.    Open new tab >Stock Adj > search product > lookup batch number >complete task.

It would be lovely to just have the expiry date right there, there is space for it!

A SUPER quick fix


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