Multiple lines for the same product in Picking/Pack Screen when you have multi lines on sales order

started a topic almost 3 years ago

If you have the same product added multiple times on a sale order with a different comment to identify the differences, when you go to pick/pack screens you cant specify which products been picked /packed. Specially when you track products.

Can you please let the users see the comments on the pick/pack screen. 


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  • Please add this feature

  • Agreed. Is there any update on this?

  • This would help our organisation massively. We are often faced with situations where we need to put a product on multiple lines of the order so that we can put different comments on each line and occasionally different prices. Our pick list needs to be able to show the seperate lines so that the product can be bagged seperately as per the comment in the line. For example x100 units may be charged and x10 units may be free of charge.

    Please add this feature.

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2 people like this idea
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