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Hi Dear Team, 

I've recently been working with our sales department to refund/credit customers for returned items and I noticed that the credit approval process is confusing and not easy to track. 

Here is an example: 

  • customer returns product - these products are evaluated by our QC team and a report is generated to inform their condition, quality and whether they're suitable for resale.
  • customer refund/credit - if approved, the Sales Order containing that product is opened, and on the Invoice tab at the bottom, a new customer credit is created and then "Approved"

This is where the confusion begins. 

Normally, as is consistent across the UI in the DEAR Inventory platform, we would expect some sort of prompt to the user to "Assign" the credit to a refund/credit memo. If not assigned, that unassigned refund/credit, along with all past issued credits, would be viewable in the Customers / Credits section unter the Sales tab... but they aren't. 

If credits remain unassigned, the only place we can locate them is in the specific Sales Order that the credit was "Approved" in. Those unassigned credits are effectively lost in the system, and we have to dig back into every Sales Order for that customer to locate that product. Once located, we then assign to either a Payment or Customer Credit, for it to be logged to the proper chart of accounts and viewable in the Customers / Credits section under sales. This feels like a redundant step and an area that has room for improvement. 

Our feature requests:

Refunds/credits are prompted for assignment - when a credit is "Approved" in a SO, a window pops up to for user action: 

  • option 1: that payment/credit is assigned to an open invoice 
  • option 2: send a refund to the customer through a check/ACH 
  • option 3: unassigned

Unassigned refunds/credits pooled and viewable - add any refunds/credits under "Customers / Credits" as "unassigned" and then add a prompt when approving future invoices, "Do you wish to apply (CM-XXXX for $X.XX) to this invoice?"

Please share any feedback on these ideas you might have. We're eager to see this area of DEAR bolstered with more clear process. 

Thank you all very much for creating and continually improving such an invaluable business tool, we really appreciate the improvements you release. 

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2 people like this idea
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