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We are exploring options to integrate with several global 3PL providers. We will consider any requests subject to technical review. If you would like to have an input, please list any 3PL’s you are currently using or would like to use in this forum. We require:

The name of the 3PL:

A technical contact:

How we can connect: ( Server vs API )

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  • We have integrated DEAR with many 3PLs, and as a cloud integrator there are so many data rules in each deployment that needs to be thought about.

    Hence why we use for that flexibility

    I think DEAR would be best looking at a common standard with DataBot (like a broker) that could open it up to many supported 3PL's with minimal onboarding effort.

    The name of the 3PL: (3PL Middleware)

    A technical contact:  Kathleen Black

    How we can connect: ( Server vs API ). Either.

  • Hello users and DEAR team,

    For our desired integration we were curious about Global logistics companies such as UPS and Flexport that currently assist with our freight movements. While we manually update our finance folks, it would be nice to integration pick up and delivery confirmations to DEAR and be able to pull reports and such.

    Are these some of the folks at the top of your list? I can inquire about the requested details for the post if necessary.


  • Hey Team,

    We are interested in an integration with RakutenSuper Logistics. This would require an integration with their Smartfill portal. 

    The name of the 3PL: Rakuten Super Logistics (Smartfill)

    Technical Contact: (Our Company) : Fuentes, Noel (Rakuten(

    How to connect: (API)

  • Hey Team,

    we are very interested in an integration with Coghlan ( Very strong in the Australian/New Zealand Market


    The name of the 3PL: Coghlan

    A technical contact: Kevin

    How we can connect: API 

  • Databot has a minimal onboarding fees but they charge for every single transaction. It became too expensive to just connect a 3PL with the WMS. 

  • Most of our 3PL partners use Carton Cloud to manage their warehouse and logistics - we'd been keen on an integration to that system

  • We drop ship product for multiple retailers and are required to ship the product on the retailer’s account number, with multiple retailers often sharing the same carrier (especially UPS and Fedex).  Unfortunately, currently Shipstation can only handle one account number per carrier, including UPS and Fedex, so we are not able to fulfill these orders in DEAR.


    As a result, we’re looking for a solution that will allow us to ship from DEAR on UPS or Fedex but change the carrier account number depending on who we are drop shipping for.


    Is this requirement on your product roadmap?  

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