B2B Portal - Force cash sale for customers set to prepaid.

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 When customers' whose "Payment term" is set to prepaid are finalising their purchase via the B2B Portal I wish them not so see any other option than Credit Card or PayPal. I don't want them to see "Purchase Order" or any other non-immediate payment method. I don't want to be pressured by them to offer them credit. I don't want to end up in conversations with them to the effect that you must pay before I will send you order. With most customers I want them to pay the full amount owed at checkout. With a few selected customers I wish them to be able to order via the Portal and I will give them 30 days or such.

To be clear, my problem is that the portal offers all enabled payment methods to all customers. Customers should only see payment methods appropriate to each individual customer as setup on Dear.  Otherwise what is the point of an integrated system?  Might as well use another Shopify instance.

Thanks,  Mark

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