Inventory Report Customization Functionality

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It would be really useful to be able to run a report that has the information found on the Inventory report but with the on had availability data too.

For stock takes I am giving the factory a list of things to check, sorted by Comma delimited tabs, in the inventory report. But it would be really useful to have the on hand figures (which you can only get on a availability report) but you cant sort it by the tabs as they are not on that report. 

Having the on hand figures appear in the inventory report would solve all my problems :-)


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  • I agree that the inventory reports need improvement.

    I find so frustrating that the Availability report is not like the other reports! The Stock level report has all the filters but we cannot see batches and expiry date. On the other hand, the Availability has the batches but we can't filter only active products, location, etc...

    Having to download the availability report 3x a day to be able to filter it is too time-consuming.

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2 people like this idea
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