Accounting for over shipping a sales order

started a topic 8 months ago

Please Improve the functionality on the system for handling over shipped sale orders.

We are a manufacturer and often over produce and ship. And then invoice the client further, after the sale is closed.

However, we are encountering a problem when one sale, created in one period gets extended to a following period.

As such, please improve this function so that the sale one one period can be closed but yet linked to the follow-up invoice occurring in the next period.

In summary:

We want the functionality that simplifies shipping additional quantities on a new invoice/sales order when the quantity produced for a customer exceeds the original order quantity.
Under this scenario it is not proper to edit the original order quantity since that sale has been booked in an earlier accounting period.  What we want to do is create a new sales order for the additional quantity without spending too much time doing it.

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