Speed up the Woo integration loading time

started a topic 2 months ago

So I was trying to load around 1,000 sku from our woo site. It takes around 90mins to process. 

I am worrying if I get 100,000 sku in the near future. Our plan is to reach near 1,000,000 sku. It seems to be impossible to load from woo to DEAR

I contacted to the support and said

The speed depend on the Woo API and It takes time to load product images the most. 

And the following question about if there is any possible way to have another solution.

custom end point api thing or option for disabling image sync. sync only the necessary data. In order to make the sync instantly? 

I don't know. I hope there is something we can do to make it work. 

Looking forward to your fedback


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