Apply expiry date and notifications for Custom Prices

started a topic almost 3 years ago

We have a client where they apply custom prices for a set amount of time for a customer - a 'deal'. When the 'deal' expires, they would hence like to remove the custom prices. Currently there is no option to put a date on the custom prices and no notification facility. Could an expiry date, and a notification on the expiry date to the sales rep be created? This would allow for custom prices to be applied and removed without having to manually keep track of when deals end. 

  • If you set up the deal through the Deals & Discounts module (rather than Custom prices in the Customer profile), you can set start & end dates.

    Good idea to have notifications.

    Perhaps in Automations > Notifications > Customer, there could be 'Deals & Discounts' option to trigger a notification when a deal has started and/or ended.

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