Not possible to choose a drop ship source during the order process if more than one option exists.

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For each of our products (books) we can source them from multiple drop shippers. We can also source them from our own warehouses in the US and Au. Drop shipper wise we have one in each of the US, UK and Australia. I have set the drop shippers up as suppliers as well as the printer we use for our own warehouses. So under Suppliers I have 4, 3 of which are drop shippers. It would appear you can only select one drop shipper as default if you have optional drop shipping enabled for a particular product.

So when I create an order and the default drop shipper is the US, it does not appear to be possible to select the UK drop shipper. I can authorise the order and the system is creating a purchase order which I can then go and open and edit but this is really slow and painful. I have a case now where I wish to order one copy of every one of our books for a customer in the UK. Drop shipping is defaulting to the US so I'd have to edit every single one which I'm just not going to do.

I am told this is the way it is currently and to see if I can rustle up some support for a fix here. This is clearly an example of a feature not fully implemented yet. Can we please fix it.  It is really painful. Really painful!

Thanks, Mark

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