Production BOM - Allow Resource type items to calculate based on Quantity produced

started a topic over 3 years ago

Currently, the costing of 'Resource' type items in the Production BOM is only calculated based on cycle time of the Resource and how many cycles are in a Production Run.

One of my clients calculates an Overhead Recovery for each type of activity (Printing/Slitting/Forming). The cost recovery for these activities is based on a per kg printed/slit (Printing & Slitting) and a per 1000 units produced(Forming) rate.

Therefore, we need an option for a Resource to be able to be programmed with a 'per unit' rate in addition to the current 'per hour/minute/second' rate. This would enable us to accurately maintain our current calculation. To workaround this, we would need to be specific with cycle times for every single BOM which is unworkable given different items could be processed on any one of two to five different machines, which all have different cycle times.



  • We also really need that resources can be counted per unit of measure, not only time.

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