DEAR Systems limitations for 3 PL companies

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I had few cases of 3PL companies when the main deal-breaker as per explained below:

Requirement of typical 3 PL  company: Since we are a 3PL warehouse company we would like a web-based solution for our customers in order they can log in and admin their own SO and PO, Suppliers, End Customers, See status of orders and their Inventory in our Warehouses, also to allow them to create Incidents related to the PO or SO and see the status of them. 

Limitation: Despite we have access restrictions per locations it doesn't apply to product availability report, where visibility of the product available across all locations associated with another customers. Thus it is usually main deal-breaker for such cases.

I suggest to look at it as an another potential DEAR enhancement which can open it's doors to one one more type of business as a's 3 PL providers who stores multiple customers inventory.

Many Thanks. 

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