B2B Portal - Exclude specific Products from Specific Customers on the same portal

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Many of our customers use a number of different brands - but often their specific product mix is different:


Customer 1 Uses Brand 1, product 1,2,3 and Brand 2 Product 1,2,3. Only

Customer 2 Uses Brand 1, Product 3, and Brand 3, product 2,3,4 Only

Customer 3 Uses Brand 1, Product 2, and Brand 2, product 2,3 Only

Each of these customers should only be able to see the product for which they have contracted pricing - but currently the system allows them to see every product that is listed.

Would it be possible to create a catalogue specific to each customer which is made up of products across multiple categories, and then allow the customer to only see that catalogue? 

Can this be added as a feature? This is a relatively common feature in less powerful systems.

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  • This request has come up repeatedly in various different feature request posts. Clearly a common growing need amongst DEAR users

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