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I want to use WMS but I just don't understand the workflow. How do you know what needs picking? Do you use Dear on your computer first? But then WMS asks you to put in the order number, That is long and awkward to type each one.  

If you do go through pick/pick. Then you want to print of a packing list. There is no way to do that? So you need to go back to the workstation, download the PDF then print the pdf. It all seems a bit time consuming to pack a single small item. 

What am I missing? What workflow are you using?

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  • We use WMS for the pack only. We have an automation for the picking list that e-mails our warehouse computer and a plug-in on the warehouse e-mail that prints the e-mail attachment. You can customise your picking list in "Documents and Templates". That gives the warehouse a picking list. The scanner and WMS is then used for packing and shipping of the order and you can use Shippit (or the like) to ship the order via the WMS ad print labels etc.  

  • Thanks Jenny,

    Do you know what the plugin is called for printing?

    Do you get warehouse staff to manually type in the order number in the WMS app? Or do they scan a barcode from somewhere? Typing it in seems time-consuming. 

  • We use Sperry Software. But there are heaps of them available. 

    Our warehouse team scan the Works order number into the pack section of the WMS. You have to add the Order number in barcode font that up in the template picking list. You can customise the picking list to suit your needs. Attached is the template that we use for picking lists. You need to make sure your sort settings for sales are correct if you want the picking lists to be sorted by location.

  • I just buy a WMS pack, but don't know how to use it effectively. Thanks a lot! fireboy and watergirl adventurous trip

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2 people have this question
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